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Ba/BSc Programs

Our Department is in charge of the BSc programme in Engineering Management as well as the BA programme in Business Administration and Management which is run together with the Department of Finance. Besides that, our Department plays a substantial educational role in the BA programme in International Business and in Finance and Accounting.

BA in Business Administration and Management (BA)

The BA programme in Business and Management educates future economists.  It aims to give a thorough grounding in economics, social theories, and applied economics, as well as developing methodological skills, while it also strives to teach the practical use of this expertise. Our graduates will feel at home in complex business/technology contexts, and learn to communicate and cooperate with experts from other fields. The BA degree thus prepares our students both for participation in business life, and for continuing their studies at master’s level. 

The programme is run jointly by the Department of Management and Business Economics and the Department of Finance.

Courses taught include: Corporate Economics, Management, Marketing, Business Statistics, Information Management, Quality Management, Production Management, Managing Change, Project Management

BSc in Engineering Management (BSc)

The programme equips prospective engineering managers the necessary knowledge in natural sciences, engineering sciences, business, and management to enable them to employ an integrated approach to the material, IT, financial, and human aspects of production and services.  Our graduates will acquire the technical vocabulary to communicate knowledgably with both engineers and economists; at the same time, the programme will prepare them to progress to our master’s level programme.

Courses taught include: Business Economics, Marketing, Production Management, Quality Management, Business Statistics, Project Management.